Blood Warmer

What is a blood warmer?

A blood warmer increases the temperature of blood being transfused into a patient.

Why is it necessary?

After a unit of blood is donated, it is prepared and then cooled for storage in the blood bank. A blood warmer is not usually necessary if only one or two units of blood are given over a period of several hours. However, when many units of cooled blood are given in a short time, body temperature may drop to dangerous levels, a condition called hypothermia.

Therefore, under emergency circumstances, when blood is transfused very rapidly a blood warmer is used to prevent hypothermia. The blood warmer in the picture is capable of warming two units of blood simultaneously.

Does it hurt?


How long is it used?

A blood warmer is used during blood transfusion. Occasionally the blood warmer may be used to warm the IV fluids given to a patient with a low temperature.

Blood Warmer (indicated by arrows)