Isolation Care

What is isolation care?

Isolation care may be frightening to patients and families because of the belief that the patient now has developed an untreatable or terrible problem. Fortunately, this is not usually the case. The most common reason for isolation care is the detection of germs (bacteria or viruses) that are susceptible to a limited number of antibiotics. The patient may be infected with the germ or be a carrier of the germ. Either way, it is very important not to spread the germ to other people. Isolation care was developed to limit the chance of spreading these germs. When a patient is receiving isolation care, anyone entering the patient's room is required to wear a special gown, gloves, and occasionally a mask.

How long is isolation care used?

The duration of isolation care is dependent upon the infection or germ. Some patients require only brief isolation care while others require isolation for the duration of their hospitalization.

What is an isolation care cart?

This cart contains the supplies, such as gowns, gloves, etc., required for entry to the room of a patient in isolation care. It is usually placed just outside the patient's room.

Isolation care cart