Urinary Drainage

What is urinary drainage?

Urinary drainage provides a way for a patient's urine to leave the body. Certain conditions may result in loss of the patient's ability to urinate or may require a very close record of a patient's urine production.

How is urinary drainage done?

Urinary drainage may be done with a urinary catheter (catheter inserted through the urethra into the urine bladder), a supra-pubic catheter (catheter inserted into the urinary bladder through overlying skin), or with a percutaneous nephrostomy catheter (catheter inserted into the kidney through the overlying skin).

Does urinary drainage hurt?

Insertion of the urinary catheters described above are all associated with discomfort at the time of insertion. Once inserted the catheters usually cause little discomfort.

What are the potential complications of urinary drainage?

The main complications of urinary drainage are infection and bleeding.

Urinary catheter

Urinary drainage collection bag