Bed Pad

What are bed pads?

Bed pads are made from absorbent material and are placed between the patient and the bed. They absorb drainage from the patient's body and help draw moisture away from the skin. When moisture, such as body fluids, is in contact with the skin for a long time, it may cause the skin to become irritated and develop superficial sores.

How often should bed pads be changed?

The bed pads should be changed when soiled with body fluids or blood. Dry pads provide the best protection and moist pads may cause skin irritation.

Can the pads hurt?

The pads are very soft and do not hurt. Occasionally the pads can become "bunched up" under the patient's body and cause minor discomfort, which is easily relieved by straightening out the pad.

Bed pads for use between the patient's body and the bed overlay and mattress