Biohazard Disposal Box

What is a biohazard disposal box?

Every patient room in the hospital contains a biohazard disposal box. The purpose of the box is to provide a receptacle for disposable needles or sharp instruments that have been used on patients. This practice decreases the risk of exposing patients, families, and medical staff to disease that may be spread by contacting blood. Hospital staff and personnel are trained to limit everyone's potential exposure to dangerous materials such as blood and germs.

What dangerous or hazardous materials are in the hospital?

Dangerous or hazardous materials in the hospital include blood, germs, radiation and used medical supplies. However, the risk of your exposure to them is minimal because hospital personnel are trained to follow procedures that reduce exposure to such materials.

How will I know if dangerous material is near?

Unfortunately, often you will not. That is why hospital personnel are specially trained to protect you. If you have any specific questions, please ask the doctor or nurse for help.

Am I likely to be exposed to dangerous material?

Fortunately, no. However, any hospital carries certain risks of exposure.

Biohazard Disposal Box