Breathing Machine Tubing

What is breathing machine tubing?

Breathing machine tubing is the tubing that connects the breathing machine to the patient's endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. Each breath that the patient takes is passed through this tubing. The breathing machine tubing may have several extra pieces connected to it. For instance, a tube for measuring the pressure in the breathing system may be seen attached to the breathing machine tubing. A humidifier and air warmer may also be seen attached to this tubing.

Are there any potential complications of using breathing machine tubing?

The breathing machine tubing is very reliable. Occasionally the tubing may become disconnected from the breathing machine or the patient. If this happens, many breathing machine alarms will sound. The tubing may accumulate water inside of it that needs to be drained by the ICU staff. The respiratory care specialists will change the breathing machine tubing on a regular schedule.