Cardiac ICU

The Cardiac ICU, sometimes referred to as the CCU or Coronary Care Unit, cares for patients who have heart disease and occasionally other medical or surgical problems. Conditions such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), angina, congestive heart failure, arrythmias and cardiomyopathy are common reasons to be admitted to this ICU. Some hospitals perform cardiac surgery, such as coronary artery bypass, and care for these patients in this special ICU. Patients may come to this unit following cardiac angioplasty or the placement of stents in their coronary blood vessels.

The Cardiac ICU provides heart rhythm monitoring and treatments that are specialized to the cardiac patient. For example, continuous monitoring of detailed ECGs and special treatments such as intra-aortic balloon pump therapy, pulmonary artery catheters, and thrombolytic therapy are available.

Intra-aortic balloon pump made by Datascope

Pulmonary Artery Catheter