ECG Pad or EKG Pad

What is an ECG pad or EKG pad?

An ECG pad is a small device that is placed on the body to detect the electrical activity of the heart. They are placed on the body and connected to wires (leads) that lead into an ECG machine (electrocardiograph), which displays the information on a bedside monitor and/or prints it.

Why are so many ECG pads required?

To adequately monitor the heart two to seven pads may be required.

Do ECG pads hurt?

ECG pads do not hurt. Due to the adhesive used to hold ECG pads on the skin, when they are removed there is a small pull on the skin.

How long are ECG pads used?

Most, if not all, patients in the ICU, have ECG pads and heart rhythm monitoring. The pads are used as long as the patient remains in the ICU.

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