Glossary T's


Definition:heart rate of over 100 beats per minute

tuberculin test

Definition:skin test performed to determine previous infection with tuberculosis; can help rule out the possibility of being currently infected with tuberculosis


Definition:infectious bacterial disease transmitted through the air that mainly affects the lungs

temporal arteritis

Definition:inflammation and narrowing of arteries in the head and neck, including those in the scalp near the temple, which can cause blindness if untreated


Definition:inflammation of a tendon, usually caused by injury, characterized by pain, tenderness, and sometimes limited movement in the attached muscle


Definition:strong connective tissue cords that attach muscle to bone or muscle to muscle


Definition:inflammation of the inner lining of the sheath that covers a tendon

terminal condition

Definition:irreversible condition that, without use of life-sustaining procedures, will result in death in a relatively short time or a state of permanent unconsciousness

testicular torsion

Definition:severe pain and swelling of a testicle, due to twisting of the spermatic cord


Definition:disease, sometimes fatal, affecting the brain and spinal cord caused by infection with bacterium present in soil and manure


Definition:group of antibiotic drugs used to treat a wide variety of infections, including bronchitis and some types of pneumonia

thallium scan

Definition:type of radionuclide scanning used to assess the heart


Definition:part of the brain which functions in the integration of sensory information

therapeutic range

Definition:range of doses of a drug that will produce beneficial results without side effects


Definition:procedure to sample or drain fluid around the lung (pleural effusion)


Definition:pertaining to the thorax


Definition:examination of the membranes covering the lungs using an endoscope


Definition:procedure in which the chest is surgically opened to operate on an organ in the chest cavity


Definition:the chest


Definition:removal of a blood clot


Definition:blockage of a blood vessel by a blood clot fragment that has broken off and traveled from another area of the body


Definition:normal body process that breaks down blood clots; also refers to drug that breaks down clots


Definition:inflammation of a vein, along with clot formation in the affected area


Definition:condition in which a blood clot (thrombus) has formed inside a blood vessel


Definition:blood clot in a blood vessel

thyroid gland

Definition:gland located in the front of the neck below the voice box that plays an important role in metabolism and growth; the gland produces thyroid hormone


Definition:inflammation of the thyroid gland


Definition:toxic condition resulting from over activity of the thyroid gland


Definition:hormone produced by the thyroid gland that helps regulate energy production in the body


Definition:thicker of the two long bones in the lower leg; commonly called the shin


Definition:involuntary, repetitive movement such as a twitch


Definition:persistent ringing or buzzing sound in the ear


Definition:similar cells and intercellular substances combined to perform a specific function in the body


Definition:decreased sensitivity of the body to a certain drug, usually either because the liver becomes more efficient at breaking down the drug or the body's tissues become less sensitive to it; increased tolerance creates a need for a higher dose of the drug in order to have the same effects


Definition:infection and inflammation of the tonsils


Definition:masses of lymphoid tissue located at either side of the back of the throat that are part of the immune system


Definition:device placed tightly around an arm or leg in order to stop blood flow; can be used to locate veins in order to take a blood sample or to control blood flow during some operations


Definition:presence of bacterial toxins in the blood


Definition:the extent to which a substance is poisonous


Definition:a poisonous substance


Definition:the tube running from the voice box (larynx) down the neck and into the upper part of the chest, where it divides to form the two bronchi of the lungs; commonly called the windpipe


Definition:inflammation of the trachea


Definition:creation of an opening in the trachea through which a tube is usually inserted to maintain an open airway and facilitate breathing; also called tracheotomy


Definition:use of tension to hold a body part in place or to correct or prevent an alignment problem


Definition:passing, entering or made by penetration through the skin


Definition:transferring a healthy tissue or organ to replace a damaged tissue or organ; also refers to the tissue or organ transplanted


Definition:system used to classify sick or injured people according to the severity of their conditions

tricuspid valve

Definition:valve in the heart that allows blood to flow from the right atrium to the right ventricle, but prevents blood from flowing back

tricyclic antidepressant

Definition:drug used in the treatment of clinical depression


Definition:main form of fat in the blood; determining levels of triglyceride is useful in diagnosing and treating diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease

toxic shock syndrome

Definition:life-threatening condition caused by a staphylococci toxin

tubal pregnancy

Definition:pregnancy that occurs in the fallopian tubes, with a fertilized egg implanting in the tube instead of the uterus; severely painful and can be fatal if not detected and treated

tube thoracostomy

Definition:procedure to re-expand the lung and/or remove fluid or blood around the lung using a chest tube

transesophageal echocardiogram

Definition:ultrasound test in which images of the beating heart are obtained by a probe placed through the mouth into the esophagus and advanced to a position midway between the mouth and stomach, just behind the heart

transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)

Definition:method of relieving pain by applying tiny electrical impulses to nerve endings beneath the skin

terminal illness

Definition:any illness due to which it is anticipated that a person has less than six months to live


Definition:the two male sex organs that produce sperm and the sex hormone testosterone


Definition:sex hormone that stimulates development of male sex characteristics and bone and muscle growth; produced by the testicles and in small amounts by the ovaries


Definition:candida infection

transient ischemic attack (TIA)

Definition:temporary block in the supply of blood to the brain, resulting in temporary loss of sensation, movement, vision, or speech; often called mini-strokes and can be precursors to a real stroke


Definition:surgical removal of the tonsils, usually to treat tonsillitis

Plasminogen Activator (TPA)tissue plasminogen activator (TPA)

Definition:substance produced by the body and as a genetically engineered drug to prevent abnormal blood clotting

tubetracheostomy tube

Definition:tube, inserted into an opening made in the trachea, to maintain an open airway and facilitate breathing


Definition:physical injury or emotional shock


Definition:abnormal mass that occurs when cells in a certain area multiply unchecked; can be cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign)

transurethral prostatectomy

Definition:removal of cancerous tissue from the prostate gland using a resectoscope (a long, narrow instrument passed up the urethra), which allows the surgeon to simultaneously view the prostate and cut away the cancerous tissue

tympanic membrane

Definition:medical term for the eardrum