Why do some people have to wear gloves and others do not?

The national hospital policy on wearing gloves requires that anyone entering a patient's room who will have contact with any fluids coming from the patient must wear gloves. If you are going into a room and will not be in contact with any bodily fluids, including drainage from scrapes, cuts, or surgical sites, then gloves are not necessary. Gloves provide protection for both you and others.

Do some situations require everyone to wear gloves when they go into the room?

Yes. If a person has a disease that is contagious (i.e., easily spread from one person to another) or resistant to treatment, then everyone going into the room should wear gloves.

If I wear gloves, am I well protected?

Not completely. It is important to remember that good hand washing, before entering and prior to leaving the room, is just as important as wearing the gloves.

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