Hospital Clothing

Why must all ICU patients wear clothing provided by the hospital?

The hospital provides gowns and pajamas for all patients. There are many reasons for this practice but the main reasons are those of hygiene and infection control. The clothing may become accidentally contaminated with blood or body fluids while the patient is in the ICU.

How often should the gown be changed?

As often as needed, there is no set time. The nurses change the gowns when necessary, such as when the gowns are soiled by drainage or bodily fluids.

Can the patient take the hospital provided clothing home?

As a rule, the answer is no. The hospital has very strict cleaning guidelines and prefers to keep the gowns and clean them properly to prevent germs from leaving the hospital.

Can the gown be removed if the patient is too hot?

Patient privacy is very important in the hospital. The bed sheet may be removed if the patient is too hot. The gown may only be removed if there is another way to maintain privacy, such as a screen around the bed.

Patient in typical hospital gown