Drugs That Protect the Stomach Lining (Proton Pump Inhibitors)


Lansoprazole - Commonly used drug in critically ill patients to prevent stomach ulcers.

Azithromycin - Commonly used medication in critically ill patients to prevent stomach ulcers.

What are drugs that protect the stomach lining?

Irritation of the lining of the stomach is common during critical illness and injury. Seriously ill patients may be at high risk of developing stomach ulcers (sores) that bleed. These drugs help to protect the stomach lining from irritation, ulcer development and bleeding. Proton pump inhibitors decrease acid secretion in the stomach.

Why are they given?

The patient either has a stomach ulcer or the doctor believes the patient is at risk of developing stomach ulcers. The doctor prescribes these medications to treat existing ulcers or to help prevent ulcers from developing.

How long are they used?

Sometimes these medicines are used only for a short time. Under other circumstances, it may be needed longer.

Do they have side effects?

Side effects do occur. They are usually minor.