Why is the ICU team meeting outside the patient's room regularly?

This is probably what is referred to as rounds, when the ICU team meets to discuss the patient's care. It is an important time to decide how each patient's care is going to proceed for the day. ICU rounds are typically conducted in the morning and occasionally again in the evening. Some ICU teams request that the visitors leave the ICU during rounds while others may not. Either way, the ICU team must maintain the confidentiality of every patient in the intensive care unit.

Does the ICU team mind if questions are asked?

No. It is your right to ask questions. You should speak daily with the attending physician and/or the ICU team for updates on the patient condition. Arranging a mutually agreed upon time for questions or updates is the best approach. Remember that most ICU staffs have a heavy workload and the team caring for your loved one is the same team caring for the rest of the patients in the ICU. If possible, scheduling a time to speak is best for everyone.