Urinary Catheter (Foley Catheter)

What is a urinary catheter (Foley catheter)?

A urinary or Foley catheter is a soft tube that is placed into the urinary bladder to drain urine. The catheter is inserted into the urethra, the tube in the body that leads from the urinary bladder to outside of the body. The Foley catheter is connected to a urinary drainage bag.

Why is a Foley catheter used?

Many critically ill patients loose the ability to control urination. In order to keep patients dry and to measure the amount of urine made a Foley catheter is used.

Does a Foley catheter hurt?

A Foley catheter may sting for a few minutes following insertion. Some patients have the feeling that they have to urinate while the catheter is in place.

How long is a Foley catheter used?

A Foley catheter is used until the patient can regains the ability to control urination or when the measurement of the amount of urine is no longer needed.

Are there any potential complications associated with use of a Foley catheter?

Sometimes urinary tract infections occur when Foley catheters are left in place for extended periods.

Urinary Catheter